Core Values:

Responsible Behavior Values

“I build self-esteem through responsible behavior.”

Responsible behavior is defined as the ability to fulfill one’s needs in ways that do not deprive others of their needs.  Responsible people act in ways that give feelings of worth to themselves and others.  They maintain a satisfactory standard of behavior by correcting themselves when they do wrong and crediting themselves when they do right.  Our below-standard conduct must be improved if we are to fulfill needs of self-worth; otherwise, we will suffer as acutely as when failing to love or be loved.  Responsible behavior is intimately related to meeting our needs of self-worth.

A person who is responsible:

  • Respects the rights of others
  • Contributes to the good of the whole
  • Thinks of others’ needs
  • Organizes activities
  • Sets goals and achieves them
  • Accepts and fulfills commitments
  • Manages resources
  • Keeps living areas neat and clean
  • Is prepared and productive
  • Is dependable and consistent
  • Controls emotions; is slow to anger
  • Speaks the truth
  • Uses appropriate language


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