Teaching Values that Stick

Character is higher than intellect and requires regular and consistent teaching of those principles that build strong value structures in our young.

Utah AIMS Textbook Commission

The lessons are well-written and easily completed within a 40-minute class period. It includes helpful information on advance preparations and materials needed. It is written sequentially with introductions, learning activities, extended activities, group activities, role plays and closing activities. Parent letters explaining the content for each unit and family activities are included. The program builds year upon year for grades K-6, plus a teen level. Each level is very age-appropriate and builds upon the previous year's content."


Character is Higher Than Intellect


"Dr. Porter-Murdock is one of our premier elementary teachers. Her skill in curriculum creation is truly appreciated by the State Office of Education."

Larry L. Yates
Dir. Elementary Education
Weber District, Utah


Overview and Philosophy

   Many parents, educators, and citizens have a deepening concern about the eroding value structures of the American family and society.  The resultant weak decision-making skills of our young people, even more mature people, are disturbing.  Every day we are faced with numerous decisions; some are trivial while others have life-shaping rewards or consequences.  Each decision we make is based on our value structures and contributes to the quality of life experienced by the individual and thus by society.

   Strong leaders possessing integrity and unyielding moral fiber do not just happen.  In their youth they must be taught values-based analytical thinking skills and human performance skills so that they build frameworks of thinking patterns and behavior patterns upon which to base appropriate decisions.

   What values make up a strong values structure? There are five core or root values.  All other values fit within or tie back to those core values.  The five core values form a hierarchy, have an interrelationship with one another and can be taught.
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