Core Values:

Self Discipline Values

“I accept good principles and govern myself.”

The worst education in the world that teaches nothing else but self-discipline is better than the best education in the world that teaches everything else but self-discipline.
            Thomas Sterling

Self-discipline is a training of self that molds, corrects, strengthens or perfects according to a system of rules affecting conduct or action; to govern oneself after gaining knowledge of the principles, rules and laws governing a specific situation and perceiving them as good, reasonable, and beneficial to the individual and to the group.

Self-discipline is a training of self through:

  • A knowledge of principles, rules, and laws of the home, the church, the community, the nation
  • Understanding the underlying concepts
  • Establishing family rules or laws
  • Allowing natural/logical rewards or consequences to follow
  • Retraining of self to choose to obey good and just laws


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