Core Values

   The five core or universal values, of which all other values are a subset, are:

  • Level one:  Self-Discipline – “I accept good principles and govern myself.”
  • Level Two:  Responsible Behavior  -
    “I build self-esteem through responsible behavior.”
  • Level Three: Honesty to Self – “I first must be honest or true to myself.”
  • Level Four: Honesty to Others – “Then I will be honest or true to others.”
  • Level Five: Reverence for Life and the Creator of Life – “I have a deep love for human, plant, and animal life and the Creator of Life.”

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Teaching Values that Stick

Character is higher than intellect and requires regular and consistent teaching of those principles that build strong value structures in our young.

Utah AIMS Textbook Commission

The lessons are well-written and easily completed within a 40-minute class period. It includes helpful information on advance preparations and materials needed. It is written sequentially with introductions, learning activities, extended activities, group activities, role plays and closing activities. Parent letters explaining the content for each unit and family activities are included. The program builds year upon year for grades K-6, plus a teen level. Each level is very age-appropriate and builds upon the previous year's content."


Character is Higher Than Intellect


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